CAREER DYNAMICS congratulates its students - Vaibhav Shukla 1042 UPSEE 190/360 JEEMAINS Kamal Nabh Mishra 167/360 JEEMAINS Priyal 183/360 JEEMAINS Anil Singh 123/360 JEEMAINS Anvesh Agrawal 98 UPSEE 175/360 JEEMAINS Raj Priya Rajan 116/360 JEEMAINS 1133(sc) UPSEE 94C93P92M UPBoard Vishal Polley 113/360 JEEMAINS 5121 UPSEE 99P96M UPBoard Prabhat Shukla 90/360 JEEMAINS 14021 UPSEE 96M96P UPBoard Aayushi Shukla 90%CBSE 98%MATH Shubhi Agarval 87%CBSE 95%MATH Lavanya Nidhi Mishra 90/360 JEEMAINS 86%CBSE 95MATH 94CHEM Nikhil Vaish 82%UPBoard 95PHY92CHEM Zafeer A. Khan 85.6%UPBoard 96P96C96M

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Rounded Rectangle: Welcome to Career Dynamics

What are IITs?

The Indian Institutes of Technology (collectively the IITs) are institutes of national excellence. Few years ago, there were 8 IITs in Mumbai, Kanpur, Delhi, Kharagpur, Chennai, Roorkee , Guwahati and IITBHU now with a couple others in the pipeline. Now number is 16 with 8 new IITs.New IITs being in Ropar,Mandi,Jodhpur,Patna,Bhubaneswar,Hyderabad,Gandhinagar,Indore.Historically, the IITs have been a hub of academic excellence, often attracting the brightest students from all over India. IIT Campuses are sprawling, averaging around a thousand acres of greenery and home to about 1500 faculty and 10000 students.
Today, the IITs continue to be a hub of excellence, serving both the society and industry with innovative solutions for current problems.

What are IIT-JEE and AIEEE?

IIT –JEE and AIEEE are premier engineering entrance exams. Millions of students face these exams every year. Many students unable to qualify because lack of fundamental and crystal clear concepts.

Career Dynamics is an institute where you can get crystal clear concepts with innovative methods. a student finds it easy to solve even tough problems in a smart way.

Why Career Dynamics?

  • Career Dynamics is apremier institute for IIT-JEE, AIEEE, UPSEE,GUJCET and other engineering entrance exams.
  • Our aim is to provide fundamental and crystal clear concepts to every student and enhance their problem solving skills through innovative ways.
  • Career Dynamics has young and dynamics Ex-IITians faculty and also small batches with healthy student to teacher ratio.
  • Career Dynamics has most updated & comprehensive study material with periodic tests on the latest JEE/AIEEE patterns.
  • Career Dynamics also provides and open test series to each students to boost their preparation.
  • Career Dynamics also provides regular problem solving, doubt clearing sessions and regular feedbacks, test analysis sessions. 
  • Scholarship up to 50 % is provided to bright students.


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